Olympus OM-D EM-1

Earlier this year, I started to get tired of lugging the 5D Mark III w/ me everywhere I go. It’s bad enough to have what feels like a 100lb camera on your shoulder but the added uncertainty of being robbed makes street snapshots an unpleasant daily experience. I decided to shop around and buy a […]

You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship of the lens as you stare down into all the glass.

Olympus 75mm f/1.8

No science going on here, just me discussing my experience with the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 prime lens on my Olympus OM-D E-M1. Please ignore the 12mm f/2.0 lens on the camera below. :D Note that all the images were processed JPEGs taken straight out of the camera. I have more info I want to add […]


Make the Windows cmd.exe work similar to unix shells

I’ve been using *nix systems for so long that it feels like a complete pain in the ass whenever I have to open a cmd.exe program in windows to perform some sort of command line action. I searched around on ddg and figured out a way to make tasks in cmd.exe a little less painful […]

HAProxy 1.5-dev22 & RPM Repo Available

For a while I was asking my hosting buddies to give me a non indexed vhost so I can start hosting my own RPM repo. The host finally came though so I will be publishing all of my RPMS/SRPMS to this repo along with maintaining a yum/dnf compatible tree that you can connect to! I […]

Getting Back In The Habit

I’ve been awful at updating my site lately. In part I’ve been consumed with my work at Red Hat but the rest of my time was devoted to playing video games and socializing with my friends. I realize that I’ve neglected this site for too long so as of today you should expect at least […]

FreeBSD 10 Now Supports ZFS on ROOT By Default

Yes, you heard it here. FreeBSD now supports ZFS on ROOT during installation. It is highly experimental but it’s nice to see that they are finally offirng this for those who do not feel comfortable formatting disks by hand. I still believe that my script (http://wp.me/p1V1C8-pP) offers people broader flexability so I for one will […]

ZFS on Root For FreeBSD 9/10 Updated

Look… Just because I work for Red Hat now does not mean I’ve abandoned the FreeBSD community! I still use FreeBSD on a day-to-day basis! Anyway… I downloaded the latest ALPHA of FreeBSD 10 the other day and discovered that my ZFS formatting script no longer works! =( I was amazed to find out that […]

I’m Working For Red Hat Now

After a good number of phone/in-person reviews, I finally accepted a position at Red Hat! For me, this is like a childhood dream come true. I’ve been working on Red Hat software ever since I was was in the 7th grade, which means I started on Red Hat Linux 6.3? In any case, I am […]

HAProxy & Fail2Ban (updated)

I wanted to simplify my fail2ban rules by linking it with HAProxy, this way I could block abusive IPs on my load balancer and not have to micro-manage all the other servers I have behind it. Fail2Ban does not give you a template to work with HAProxy, nor does the internet have any good information […]